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Satellite Imagery


Key Products & Services

  • Current & Historic Satellite Imagery Acquisition and  Trend Analysis 

  • NDVI and Moisture Indexing

Satellite Imagery is a powerful tool to assess large areas for strategic decision making and risk assessment.

SAS provides customized, colour coded maps, with analytical data down to field level.

The analysis provides powerful insight into cropping trends, climate, farm and farmer risk, which is used by the Agri-Finance, Insurance and Commodity Trading, agricultural supply chain and agri-processing sectors. 

Free Satellite Crop Analysis Index Maps 

Satellite Image Crop Analysis

Download  High Res Maps

Richmond - Eston South

Pongola 2019-10-21.jpg

Download  High Res Maps


NDVI Satellite Image

KZN Tongaat-Tugela

Bothaville North

Download  High Res Maps

Bothaville N 2019-11-6.jpg

Download  High Res Maps

Download  High Res Maps

RCAI Map Villiers 2019-11-03.jpg


Download  High Res Maps

SCAI Map Winterton.jpg

Winterton - Bergville

Other Areas Available on Request
For more detailed satellite imagery of you farm or area of interest,  send us a KML (Google Earth File) and we will be happy to assist.
  • Geo-rectified digital AO PDFs are available for use offline on smart phones and tablets as a live GPS background
  • Moisture Index Maps are also available on request.  

Trend Analysis

Verde airbus satellite imagery, satellite imagery
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