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Ross Walters

With more than 20 years in agriculture, Ross offers a unique blend of practical experience, which includes 

Farming in Zimbabwe, greenfield Agricultural Development in Mozambique,

Aerial Survey and Mapping of over 700 000 ha of Agricultural Projects in 12 countries across Africa and Belize. 


Establishment of Helicopter and Drone Crop Spraying companies in South Africa,

GIS and IT development for agriculture and small scale farmer development.


Ross holds a diploma in Farm Management from Balckforby College of Agriculture as well as a

Degree in Agricultural Economics and Development, from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Ross is currently working on: Precision Spraying Systems, with XAG 

                                               Satellite Crop Monitoring  and Agri Finance with Virtual Farmer

                                               Small Scale farming of Bulbine Frutesens with Botanica Natural Products



Mike Cohen

Head of Data Systems and  Map Processing.

With more than 5 years in drone industry, Mike has worked on some of the largest drone aerial survey projects, in the agricultural and mining sectors. His deep knowledge of Geographic Information Systems, and high level of technical skills as a programmer and developer make him a highly valuable member of the team, able to build custom solutions quickly that effectively.  

Mike holds a Masters Degree in Geographical Information Systems from Rhodes.

Mike is currently working on: Database Development and Satellite Crop Monitoring with Virtual Farmer

                                               Remote Sensing Cameras for Agricultural Drones

                                               Making really cool maps


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