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Specialised Aerial Services 

Crop Spraying & Aerial Application Services

crop spraying

Fixed Wing Crop Spraying

Best application methods for large areas and high volumes. Also available for fertilizer application and seeding.

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Helicopter Crop Spraying

Best application method for difficult terrain and small to medium sized fields

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Drone Spraying

Best application method for small areas and Ultra Low Volumes 

Farm Mapping & Aerial Surveys

Farm Mapping
Farm map

Aerial Imagery

High Resolution Drone Imagery,

Farm Maps, Land Use Plans, Contour Maps and Detailed Aerial Surveys 

Shot Hole Borer Detection

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Baynesfield Estates Avocado Orchard Anal

Field Mapping & GIS

Lay the Foundation for Precision Farming,

  • Accurate Field Map

  • NDVI Crop health maps,

  • Tree Counts and Classification

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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3D Terrain Models 

Contour mapping,

Terrain modeling,

Volumetric Calcualtions

Lidar Point Clouds

Flood Analysis

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