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Map your farm and fields

For us to find your farm, generate quotes, or carry out services we need some geographical information.

Please send us you farm/field areas in Google Earth's KML or KMZ format. If you are not sure how to do this then please follow the steps here below. If you don't have Google Earth you can download it here and watch the tutorial below. 





Creating a Polygon in Google Earth

  1. You’ll need to download and install Google Earth. You can find the application here. Follow the directions for installation and open the program.

  2. Navigate to your farm on Google Earth, and zoom into a good view of the fields and farm boundaries that you want to record.

  1. Now you’ll need to create a polygon around the various fields and boundaries. The third icon from the left at the very top of the screen will allow you you do to this. Go ahead, click on it!

  2. You’ll now see a new window popup where you can  name your polygon as per the field or farm name.

  1.  Click along corners of the boundary for your field, and continue doing this until the polygon completely covers the area. If you are struggling to see the inside of the polygon, then click on the "Style, Color" tab in the popup box select "Outlined" which will make the inside of the polygon transparrent

  2. Now that you’ve done that, click “OK.”

  3. Your polygon will appear in the “Places” menu on the left side bar of the program.

  4. If you’re happy with your polygon, great, you’re ready to submit your area of interest to S.A.S. If not, don’t worry, you can adjust the polygon by clicking on the points and dragging them to your desired location.

  5. Okay, now you should be ready to send us your polygon via email. You can do this two ways:


How to Email Your KMZ File: Web-based Email

  1. Once your polygon is ready, right-click on the map in Google Earth.

  2. In the dialogue box that pops up, choose “Save Place As…”. This will allow you to save a KMZ file to your computer with whatever name you like. Choose a name that makes it easiest to find later, then select “Save”.

  3. Now you’ll need to navigate to your email inbox in your browser. Once there, open up a new message. Address the email to  and attach the KMZ you just created to the email.


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