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Soil Classification 

Soil Mapping

Precision Soil Sampling

Soil Chemical Analysis

Probes and Irrigation Scheduling


Crop & Orchard Analysis

Satellite Crop Monitoring

Tree Counts

Agronomic Services

Agricultural Finance

Irrigation Equipment 

Irrigation Design 

Tools for Tree Crops




Specialised Agricultural Services is a network of non-aligned, independent, agricultural professions and farmers dedicated to improving agricultural productivity and sustainability. 

We work across various stages of the production cycle, firstly by collecting and mapping the critical data, that lays the foundation for precision farming, and then connecting farmers with the right services providers to carry out precision operations that are suited to their unique requirements.

Our team is not aligned to any specific chemical or fertilizer company, and are thereby able to provide unbiased and impartial advice to our clients. 

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Crop Spraying Drones are rapidly changing the face of agriculture. SAS have been trialing their use in conjunction with HVL Drones and Agri Crop Spray, and have now established an African agency for XAG, the Worlds's largest crop spraying drone manufacturer. With over 40 000 spray drones in operation, XAG's crop spraying drones are without question the best in field, with unrivaled reliability, accuracy

and performance.                         Read More about Crop Spraying Drones

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As farmers our guiding philosophy is to leave the land in a better state than than how we found it. 

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